Shoulder Pain

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Shoulder Pain services offered in Green Valley, Henderson, NV

If you lead an active life or work at a physically demanding job, you’re more likely than most people to experience shoulder pain. The condition usually isn’t severe, but seek treatment if it continues for days or weeks. At Regenexx Las Vegas, interventional orthopedic specialist Josh Goodwin, MD, relieves shoulder pain with minimally invasive treatments. Book an appointment online or call the Regenexx Las Vegas office serving Las Vegas, Henderson, NV, and the surrounding areas.

Shoulder Pain Q&A

What is shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain is general discomfort, aching, or stiffness that affects one or both of your shoulder joints.

Each of your shoulders is a ball and socket joint, surrounded by a group of tendons called the rotator cuff. These hard and soft tissues work together, allowing you to lift, reach, and throw. But they also experience general wear-and-tear, gradually leading to inflammation and pain.

What causes shoulder pain?

At Regenexx Las Vegas, Dr. Goodwin treats shoulder pain caused by various issues, including:

  • Arthritis
  • Torn cartilage
  • Torn rotator cuff
  • Swollen bursa sacs or tendons
  • Pinched nerves
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Dislocated joints
  • Fractures

An overuse injury might also cause shoulder pain. For example, you might suffer a strain or a sprain if your job requires you to use hand tools or regularly reach over your head.

When should I see an interventional orthopedic specialist for shoulder pain?

Make an appointment with Dr. Goodwin at Regenexx Las Vegas if you experience shoulder pain that lasts more than a few days and doesn’t improve with rest, ice, or over-the-counter pain medication. That’s especially true if you can’t move your shoulder or the pain comes with a fever.

How is shoulder pain diagnosed?

To diagnose shoulder pain, Dr. Goodwin reviews your medical records and asks about your symptoms, including when the pain started, where in your shoulder it is, and if it’s worse during certain activities like exercise.

He then examines your shoulder, looking for redness, swelling, or bruising. Dr. Goodwin gently presses on your shoulder joint and checks your arm’s range of motion. He also orders diagnostic imaging (X-rays, a CT scan, or an MRI) to see if there’s a fracture or a dislocated joint.

How is shoulder pain treated?

At Regenexx Las Vegas, Dr. Goodwin treats shoulder pain using a minimally invasive and nonsurgical approach. Depending on how severe your symptoms are, he could recommend:

Dr. Goodwin’s goal is to relieve the pain, reduce inflammation, and restore your mobility. He might also recommend stretches or strengthening exercises you can do at home to complement your body’s healing process.

If you’re suffering from shoulder pain, make an appointment at Regenexx Las Vegas today by calling the office or booking online.

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