Our Philosophy

Regenexx Las Vegas provides the highest quality non-surgical orthopedic care utilizing minimally invasive injection-based treatments with your own body’s healing agents. Our approach is more holistic than the traditional orthopedic model with our focus being patient education and JOINT PRESERVATION! Given that we are part of the Regenexx Network, our approach is rooted in research and is constantly being refined and developed as we continue to lead the way in finding better methods for harnessing your body’s own healing agents repair damaged tissue. The Regenexx proprietary protocol leads to arguably the world’s most advanced platform for in-office interventional orthopedics.

Patient Education

A critical component for patient education is a comprehensive evaluation. Our new patient consultations are typically an hour long and include time for medical history review, a complete physical exam, image review, diagnostic ultrasound, discussion of all available treatment options and time to answer questions. We feel it is important for a patient to have a good understanding of their orthopedic condition to allow them to make a more informed decision on their treatment options.

For those that are considered candidates for our Regenexx procedures (PRP, Bone marrow concentrate which contains stem cells, Platelet lysate, A2M) we develop a customized treatment plan and discuss candidacy rating and success rates.

For those that may need other treatments, we can order physical therapy, prescribe medications, perform other non-Regenexx procedures, or assist with referrals for other appropriate treatments including surgery.

Joint Preservation and Interventional Orthopedics

We use our expert level interventional orthopedic skills (high level image guided injection-based procedures) to treat each orthopedic condition comprehensively. We look at each joint as a functional unit and not just individual parts. Therefore, our injection treatments not only include treating the painful joint but also the surrounding support structures to enhance joint stability and function.

What is Interventional Orthopedics?

Interventional orthopedics means using precise image-guided procedures to place substances that can heal tissues into specific areas of injury or degeneration. Our joints and spinal structures are made up of different types of tissues that work together as a functional unit. To maximize outcome, we need the ability to identify and precisely treat each affected structure. For example, in knee osteoarthritis we have joint space loss due to cartilage wear and this often leads to meniscal injuries, bone irritation, joint laxity and overloaded tendons. With the goal of joint preservation, we need to treat all these structures directly to achieve optimal functional outcomes and pain improvement. Interventional orthopedics is moving far beyond the traditional blind injection approach used in many orthopedic offices.

Interventional Orthopedics Diagram

The Regenexx Las Vegas Difference

Physician Expertise and Training

Josh Goodwin, MD is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and fellowship trained in sports and interventional spine medicine. He has been part of the Regenexx network since 2015 and has almost a decade of experience utilizing orthobiologics. The Regenexx Network accepts only a limited number of physicians based on their advanced training and proficiency in image guided procedures. All Regenexx physicians are required to have extensive experience in complex, image-guided injections and provide high quality comprehensive evaluations of musculoskeletal injuries.

Regenexx Evaluations

Detailed Evaluation and Diagnostics

Correct diagnosis takes time. Dr Goodwin spends, on average, 1 hour with new patients evaluating every aspect of their injuries, reviewing medical history, educated the patient on their imaging findings, and developing a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses not only the site of pain but its underlying cause. Patients then are educated about all available treatment options and receive a candidacy grade that rates the likelihood that a Regenexx procedure can help them.

Lab Processing

Delivering a Customized Treatment

Not all regenerative treatments are created equally. Regenexx Las Vegas has an on-site lab. Our proprietary and patented lab processing techniques allow us to achieve much higher concentrations of cells than can be achieved with a bedside centrifuge. This is important because the dose matters regarding patient outcomes. Our flexible lab platform allows us to customize cellular types and concentrations based on patients age, tissue, type, and severity of the condition. This flexibility and customization results in a tailored treatment approach for optimal outcomes.

Image Guidance

Precision Treatment to Maximize Outcomes

We use precise image guidance with the use of fluoroscopy and/or ultrasound for all injections which allow us to target the exact location of the injury. This precision allows for far more consistent and sophisticated treatment than is available without image guidance.

Registry Outcome Tracking

Understanding Our Patient Outcomes

Regenexx has the oldest and largest patient outcome registry. Tracking over 60,000 Regenexx patients currently. This is how we understand our patient’s candidacy and chance for success. The information is also used for research publications and allows us to make better decisions about our treatment recommendations.