Alpha-2-Macroglobulin (A2M)

What is Alpha-2-Macroglobulin Injection?

A Non-Surgical Treatment For Symptoms of Osteoarthritis

Alpha-2-Macroglobulin, or A2M, is a naturally occurring molecule found in your blood that acts as a powerful protector against cartilage breakdown. A2M attaches to and removes the destructive enzymes, called proteases, that damage cartilage cells and tissues in the joint or disc space. The A2M Injection is a treatment that can capture and neutralize these enzymes – this leads to a reduction in inflammation and the destruction of the cartilage seen and felt in Osteoarthritis.

How A2M Works

A painful osteoarthritic joint contains destructive enzymes that cause inflammation and destruction of the tissue.

While the A2M Molecule is our body’s own defense mechanism for reducing inflammation, it is unable to enter the joint or disc space in large enough quantities due to its large size and complex structure.

As a result, it is necessary to inject additional A2M into the affected area to restore balance, reduce inflammation and induce pain relief.

How is A2M obtained?

On the day of a procedure, blood is taken from your arm. Once we have the blood, we process it in our flexible laboratory platform to isolate and concentrate the A2M. This process takes a few hours. Later that same day, the A2M is injected with image guidance (xray and/ultrasound) into the osteoarthritic joint/region.


What Conditions are typically treated with A2M?

Most commonly used for painful osteoarthritic joints.