Regenexx is the only regenerative orthopedic procedure in America that has insurance coverage through self-funded employers. Self-funded simply means the employer assumes the financial risk for providing health care benefits to its employees, which allows them more flexibility in what they choose to cover. And that means you, as an employee, can use your insurance for coverage on procedures like Regenexx. If your employer is self-funded and wish to see if they are contracted with Regenexx please call us at 702-986-0921. 




Private commercial insurance may help with the cost of the consultation and other non-regenerative services offered in our clinic.

*Commercial insurance will not cover the cost of PRP and bone marrow concentrate (containing stem cells) procedures.

We accept:

  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • City of Henderson
  • City of North Las Vegas
  • Dignity Health
  • Golden Nugget
  • Kaiser Permanent
  • Las Vegas Sands
  • Marshalls
  • Medicare
  • MGM
  • Nevada HAND
  • PLI Las Vegas
  • Sierra Health and Life
  • State of Nevada
  • Station Casinos
  • Teachers
  • Truline Corp
  • UMR plans
  • Venetian

Financing is also available to help with procedure costs that aren’t covered by insurance.


Regenexx is a world leader in the field of orthopedic regenerative medicine based on scientific publications and is arguably the world’s most advanced platform for in-office interventional orthobiologics.


Patient Videos

Patient Testimonials

Very professional, knowledgeable, and reliable. Takes the time to go over diagnostics like MRIs etc A breath of fresh air. Medicine the way it was intended. I wish I could find a primary physician as knowledgeable and patient centered as Dr Goodwin and his staff.

KELLY DONAHUE M. | Dec 08, 2022
Dr Goodwin spent more time and effort than any other doctor I have experienced in analyzing and explaining to me the details of my issues and options for moving forward. It was very refreshing and much appreciated!

ROBERT C. | Dec 06, 2022
I love regenexx! I finally feel like I’m actually healing my injuries the right way & not just masking them! Bonus, no surgery! I can’t say enough about the amazing staff Nina, Jen & Dr. Josh Goodwin, they are all so incredible. If I could give them more stars I would.

TERRI K. | Dec 06, 2022
Lots of information shared. Really thorough exam. All options discussed thoroughly. No high pressure business.

TYLER J. | Dec 04, 2022
Wonderful procedure and doctor & his staff are so kind. Highly recommend instead of surgery.

HIROMI Y. | Dec 03, 2022
It was, as usual, very professional & informative.

CHERYL G. | Dec 02, 2022
Had an amazing experience. Staff is first rate.

BARRY EUGENE E. | Nov 23, 2022
I have been coming to REGENEXX since 2017 and I have NEVER been disappointed with the procedures or the results. The entire Staff at the office is very cordial and professional.

RICHARD B. | Nov 19, 2022
As always, great!

JEFF W. | Nov 18, 2022
I can't say enough about the level of service and expertise. Dr Goodwin is the best!! The staff is wonderful and very helpful each time I have been to the office. Dr Goodwin goes the extra mile to ensure his patients are well taken care of. The procedures I have had for my hip and now my right arm have been a blessing to fix my pain and get back to golf. Thank you to both you and staff for the excellent level of support I always receive.

Sandra C. | Nov 17, 2022
Dr. Josh you are the best.

MARY L. | Oct 28, 2022
Pleasant staff and Dr was very thorough and informative!

RHONDA P. | Oct 25, 2022
He did a PRP procedure on my shoulder and labral tear and they work. I trusts that he'll do the same with my knees. Dr. Goodwin is very knowledgeable and has so much experience re PRP and stem cell. He explained everything before he does the procedure. People should consult with him before considering the "knife." He will honestly tell you if you are a candidate for the PRP or Stem Cell procedure or not.

JULIANA M. | Oct 20, 2022
Best show & explain on my spine — thank you!!!

KATHARINE O. | Oct 18, 2022
Wonderful friendly people. The staff were so helpful and kind. The doctor took his time and explained everything in detail. I felt like I understood exactly what’s going as going on with my knees and how he can help me with a treatment. Highly recommend this practice

BERLINDA H. | Oct 10, 2022
Professional all the way Painless PRP procedure Very competent staff

JOANNE H. | Oct 05, 2022
Staff is always amazing and Dr. Josh is a miracle worker (or as close as one can be)

PHILIP D. | Sep 30, 2022
They have been great about answering my questions and getting me scheduled quickly.

JESSICA V. | Sep 24, 2022
One of the best physicians I have been able to see both in my personal life and that of a paramedic. I would and do reccomend Dr. Goodwin and his team to anyone who is having joint pain or other correctable issues. I have had work done on my shoulder, back, and knee. He keeps me healthy for work and I wouldn't seek care from anyone else.

JAMES W. | Sep 21, 2022
Dr. Goodwin is extremely thorough & doesn't "rush" through your appointment. His office team is amazing. Lauren & Jenn are extremely amazing. Hands down, I would definitely recommend Dr. Goodwin & his entire staff to ANYONE.

MIA M. | Sep 15, 2022
During the whole appointment I felt as if I was held by the hand by caring people who really knew what they were doing, There was no hurry anytime and I was attended to with their full concentration, answering my questions as they came up to my full satisfaction. It completely took away my nervousness and to my surprise I was able to undergo the procedure very calmly.

Elisabeth N. | Sep 14, 2022
Dr Goodwin is an outstanding sports medicine doctor. I appreciated his time and excellent therapy including follow- up cares, and it is always nice when we find a doctor that actually cares and would like to do the best. I had a big meniscus tear, there was an extra space between and had stem cell therapy. After three months, the tear has been closing, and I am able to do the sports now. Thank you so much Dr. Goodwin and the team.

Yoshimi G. | Sep 14, 2022
DR GOODWIN & staff are very professional and really care that’s why I fly 2000 miles for treatments . thank you

MARK D. | Sep 13, 2022
So far so good

EUGENE C. | Sep 12, 2022
Knowing another doctor will have to operate, Dr. Goodwin took an extraordinary amount of time explaining my injury, and options, then referred me to an outside surgeon.

MARK B. | Sep 07, 2022
Dr. Goodwin and his staff are extremely friendly, helpful, and professional! Dr. Goodwin spends a great amount of time listening and explaining everything to his patients. Plus, he’s very punctual and doesn’t make you wait in his office for hours before seeing you for an appointment! I would highly recommend Dr. Goodwin to anyone having spinal issues.

AMY F. | Sep 07, 2022
Dr. Goodwin and staff are very respectful, knowledgeable, and straightforward. They don't sugarcoat, or predict outlandish high hopes. But, they are practical; the knee injections provide real relief (some types, more long-lasting than others), and they are helping me be realistic about the future of my knees. I appreciate their help.

KAY S. | Sep 06, 2022
Dr Goodwin and his staff are always very professional and friendly. Dr Goodwin takes the time to answer any and all questions and explains the procedures in detail. I have had excellent results at Regenexx.

ELIZABETH LEE D. | Sep 04, 2022
Dr. Goowin was very easy to talk to. Very satisfied with all his advice and recommendations.

GERALD K. | Sep 02, 2022
Nice Dr he explained to me very expesific, I have good experience end good treatment, excellent service

JOSE R. | Sep 01, 2022
Dr Goodwin and Nina are an amazing team, they are the best in their respective fields. I do not want to go see any other doctor or nurse:)

THOMAS K. | Aug 27, 2022
The ENTIRE STAFF is caring and very professional. I love coming here. Dr. Josh Goodwin comes highly recommended by me. He is very patient and always willing to answer questions you may have and he takes the time to explain things.

KRISTINA M. | Aug 26, 2022
Friendly and comfortable

VICTOR J. | Aug 26, 2022
Excellent care and very knowledgeable staff. They know there stuff

BRIAN T A. | Aug 23, 2022
He is a very good Doctor I couldn’t work any more and he really fix my pain he is the best

ISAIAS V. | Aug 22, 2022
Better than expected results from PRP treatment

DENNIS F. | Aug 20, 2022
Dr. Goodwin gave intelligent and thorough explanations on what he was doing, he was an active listener with real answers. I would recommend him to anyone. He even offered us his cell phone to call after hours if there were any issues. Unfortunately we’ve been through several back specialist, And he was by far the most competent.

DAVID V. | Aug 17, 2022
Very good experience answers any and all questions

KATHERINE P. | Aug 16, 2022
Dr Goodwin was Amazing! Never in my life have I had a doctor listen to me the way he did. He listened to all details regarding my situation, he explained everything on my level, and really took the time to explain everything (MRIs, what the ultrasound was showing, options available to me). He was friendly, cared, and really listened. Im blown away. I hope my upcoming treatments are just as enjoyable and Im sure they will be. He has the word “Good” and “Win” in his last name and he lives up to both! Thank you Dr. Goodwin!

ERIK A. | Aug 15, 2022
Was very impressed with the entire visit. Dr Goodwin was very precise and very easy to understand what my solutions options were for my knee and back. I am very open to the non surgical approach for my injuries.

DAVID P. | Aug 12, 2022
Josh Goodwin is excellent at diagnosis and honest about expectations after treatment. I have hobbled in & walked out after treatment s over the past few years. I highly recommend both Dr. Joshua Goodwin & Regenexx!

CHERYL G. | Aug 11, 2022
Excellent. Dr. Goodwin takes the time and makes the effort to ensure that I understood what was going on. He addressed all of my questions.

KELLY DONAHUE M. | Aug 11, 2022
Dr Goodwin is thorough and takes his time in his explanations.

STACY C. | Aug 09, 2022
Dr. Goodwin is incredibly honest and has a way of putting you at ease and his whole staff is amazing and kind.

TERRI K. | Aug 09, 2022
4.97727 star provider rating